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Rob Hailstone, an ex-residential property conveyancer, with over 40 years’ experience, formed the Bold Legal Group (BLG) in 2010.

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BLG members vary from sole practitioners to firms with fifty partners plus, ABS, LLPs & Licensed Conveyancers.

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What our Members think.

“I went on a conveyancing update course with Richard Snape recently, such a great speaker, highly recommend him. I always go on these courses with a slight feeling of dread. What are we going to learn? What changes am I going to have to make to our procedures? What was really great was that all the subjects that we covered had been covered in the BLG bulletins and as a firm our procedures are now already in place, from spotting fraud, red flags, escalating ground rents and, estate rentcharges (S121 LPA 1925). Just wanted to say thank you to BLG.”

Kelly Fleming

SureMove Property Lawyers

Once again let me know if there is anything I can do to help promote the Bold Group  – I think that it is a great service and the updates are invaluable I should have joined years ago!.

Judith Park

Partner, Ashfords

“Being able to share intelligence about bogus emails and other unusual activity in the property market with a number of conveyancers in one fell swoop is one of the easiest and quickest ways to help reduce fraud. The Bold Group and other organisations are a vital gateway for the sharing of intelligence.” 

Tracey Carr

Financial Crime Manager, Santander

“The Bold Group have close contact with their members on a day to day basis and are quickly able to spot trends in the concerns being raised and flag them with us. Working together in this way is vital in the reduction of fraud and helps ensure action can be taken quickly.”

Nick Larkins

Senior Manager, Lloyds Banking Group

“Thank you for the updates and clarifications on so many issues Rob, OFR, SRA fraud alerts, Law Society Practice notes and particularly on new competitors in the form of ABSs.”

Bob Bastian

Business Development Director, Stephen Rimmer

“Rob, you are doing a great job helping us with the lenders if we need it. Keep up the good work.”

Andrea Coombes

Partner, Howells

“Well done Rob for getting us to stand firm. The pressure from the Bold Group helped to bring about HSBC’s decision to expand its panel.”

Tracey Pearce

Solicitor, WBW

“Fantastic news! The Law Society worked hard to negotiate these changes by HSBC but the Bold Group deserves a lot of credit for its campaign, which helped influence the decision.”

Michael Dibben

Partner, Brethertons